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Klasemen Euro 2016| Widget wordpress Piala Eropa 2016

We have just release our new euro 2016 klasemen widget for your WordPress site or blog.

After plugin installation please use one of the following short codes in order to display the euro 2016 klasemen widget script


Download Link:

bellow this, is example



euro 2016 klasemen widget is a free wordpress plugin that lets you track euro 2016 klasemen widget . Here are a few of the features of the plugin.

Low-Bandwidth Solution

It’s true that some people might want to watch live streaming video of the event live, but this won’t always be possible for various reasons. For example, this often requires a lot of extra bandwidth, so if you’re in a location where that’s going to be difficult such as at a WiFi hotspot, it’s definitely convenient to have a program like this one that just has a completely simply and low-bandwidth approach to getting the information you really want, which is the scores.

WiFi hotspots at places like airports or restaurants aren’t always secure either, so it’s not always the best idea to login to an account for live sports streaming that might have sensitive information on it. The maximum bandwidth you can use on hotspots is also often limited as well.

But you only need the slightest of Internet connections for a minute or two to get an instant live update for whatever game you’re interested in. The program also allows you to multitask easier as well. Live streaming is often distracting, but going back and forth between some bit of work and your game scores is going to be a lot easier and less distracting overall.

The plugin doesn’t have any costs associated with it whatsoever, and the download file is small since it’s in ZIP format. You can use free archive software Winrar or Winzip to unzip the file and get it installed in your website in no time.


If you find our plugin useful please share and enjoy!



1. Download file plugin diatas

2. buka wordpress anda, pilih bagian plugin, add new

3. upload file

4. aktifkan file tersebut

5. buat page dengan judul jadwal bola
6. dibagian isi copy ini
*tanda Kurung [


apabila dipasang di bagian widget anda dapat melihat demonya dibawah ini

DEMO01 bisa anda lihat DISINI

DEMO02 bisa anda lihat DISINI

Caranya gunakan code dibawah ini
<iframe style=”border: 0px none; height: 1200px; margin-left: 0px; width: 330px;” src=”” width=”300″ height=”150″ scrolling=”no”>

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